Ping Golf Ball Collectors

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George . My E-bay ID is pingballs1 and I live in State College, Pa. I started collecting Ping golf balls in September 2001. I have approximately 140 different 2 color combinations and display around 400 Ping golf balls. My objective is to collect an Eye and Eye2 ball of every 2-color combination Ping produced. I occasionally buy, sell and trade balls with other collectors. This hobby has been a great way to have fun and to develop new friendships.

My name is Lynne and I am a teacher from Celina, Ohio. The Ping ball collection was the idea of our daughter, who was eight years old when she decided to start collecting Ping golf balls. Her small collection grew into a family hobby, so we buy and sell Pings on eBay to both enhance our collection and to introduce new collectors to the hobby. Our eBay ID is pingdom.