This is going to be an unofficial website for collectors of Ping Golf Balls. This site was designed to eventually provide you with background information about the hobby of collecting Ping golf balls, and  about the types and color combinations manufactured and distributed by Karsten.  The Ping golf balls were manufactured for about twenty years - 1976 is the copyright date on the early boxes, and 1997  is the last year  that the golf balls appeared in the Karsten wholesale catalogs that were sent to golf proshops. 

Collecting Ping golf balls is a interesting hobby that offers a great group of friendly fellow collectors.   Displaying the collection  in one of those decorative  golf ball racks does, indeed,  make an impressive display, albeit a pricey one.  There are still good deals to be found on Ping balls, both new and used, but the supply of inexpensive two-color balls continues to dwindle each year.


In 2004, Nike offered their first colored golf balls to the market.  They offered an all black ball as a special promotion for their Nike One Black golf ball line, and later they added one solid colored ball per dozen to their Mojo line of golf balls. The Nike balls, make an impressive display as well, so part of this site will cover Nike colored golf ball info.  As of 2007, Nike has chosen to discontinue the Mojo colored golf balls, so at this time, red, purple, orange, and silver are the only Mojo colors available to collectors.

We’re glad you came to visit us, and hope you find the website informative. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have  additional information to share or if you see any changes that need to be made.

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