Nike Mojo Golf Balls 

Even before the  Nov. 1, 2003 shipping date,  Nike Golf had its Mojo working with the golf balls of the same name. So much, that the company  upped its prerelease sales forecast by  60 percent over the original forecast according to Stan Grissinger, Category Business Director for Golf Balls at Nike Golf. 

The  psychedelically packaged Mojo ball was touted as Nike Golf's next generation distance ball and the rocketing sales of the mid-priced ball amazed even the Nike execs.

"Get long. Get feel. Get Real."

Introduced for the 2005 golf season, the new Mojos came in a new box, and included a couple of significant changes: the pearlescent covers and the addition of the Red Magma, Purple Passion, and Tangerine Dream Karma balls.

Shipped in late September 2005, just in time for the holidays,  came yet another Mojo change.  This box has a highly reflective silver accents and the 12th Karma ball - also silver.  The Nike Rep said it was supposed to remind you of one of those mirrored disco balls shimmering above the Saturday Night Feverish dance floors. : The pearlescent covers  is still there, with the addition of two stars, one at each end of the logo.


Looking for a funky good time? You found it. A dozen Mojo Balls to sanctify your soul patrol. One of these 12 is a Nike Karma ball. A glittering orb of orbiting glitter. A more perfect pack of partners you'll never find.
  • Cover Charge: a super freaky pearlescent surlyn.
  • Hustle Core: The energy is off the charts. Low compression madness.
  • Mirror Dimples: 432 identical facets of harmonic turbulence to help you hit it high and straight.



Get long. Get feel. Get real.
The original Mojo was all good baby, a daisy chain and folk song, a VW van filled with golfers facing miles of green and time to kill. Looking in the rearview mirror, Mojo was the fastest selling golf ball launched in Nike Golf history, capturing 2.1 percent market share within 60 days of launch.

Movin' On Up

The next generation Mojo is a new home run record, supersonic to Paris, the first Nikes, pandas landing in D.C., and a kung-fu movie marathon all sitting on a bed of purple shag. Slide in your 8-track and kick back? Here's the lowdown:

Get Long

This is the dance mix Mojo, longer than the original hit. S
traight as a laser beam. So easy to play you could hit it with a tubular bell and still get home in two. But don't. Wind up and hit it hard, primal-scream hard, quadraphonic hard - preferably with a Nike driver. In other words this ball was born to run? It's long.

Get Feel
The cover-up: It doesn't look like other Surlyn covers. It's a trippin' pearlescent. It doesn't feel like them, either. It feels good. And if it feels good, do it. 4-Barrel Core: Fully carbureted, pre-smog launch with a low compression that hovers in the mid '70s. Run premium to avoid ping. Bumps with No Name: 432 mystical little craters inspired by the lift and carry of desert birds of prey.

Get Down
What the original Mojo lacked was Karma. No worries. The evolution Mojo is here, right in this boom box you're holding. Twelve perfect pills to take care of that Saturday morning fever. A dozen dancin' fools to put feel into the rock opera of golf. They're gonna blow you away. And with every dirty dozen comes a little Karma. We took all of the psychokinetic energy of a tangerine dream and squeezed it into a 1.68-inch shimmering ball of fire. As colorful as a bicentennial celebration, Karma balls come in Red, Orange and Purple. Save it for that nemesis par-3 over water or leave the Karma in the bag and let the good times roll.